Air Buddy

Additional Information

Colour Black, White


Personalised soft airflow
Ensures a comfortable cooking environment with soft airflow that does not disturb the gas cooking flame and reaches upto 6 feet distance from the fan

Maximum portability
Lightweight compact design for efficient utility in any position, anywhere you need it

Controlled airflow
The Air Buddy kitchen fan has flexible installation and an adjustable louver for the desired airflow that allows the homemaker to enjoy a cool breeze of air without disturbing the gas flames while cooking.

Easy maintenance
The surface is easy to clean in just one wipe and the product comes with removable filters for hassle-free upkeep at home

Safe for children
Blade-free design ensures safety for children

Flexible installation
Can be wall mounted horizontally or placed vertically on a designer base, as per your convenience


Speed (RPM) Power Input (Watts) Air Delivery (MCH)
2600 38 700