ALLOY 4047 | AISi12


Automotive – Reducing vehicle weight is critical to improving fuel efficiency. The world’s leading automotive manufacturers understand this better than anyone and are driving the change as they design consumer vehicles for tomorrow’s roadways.

Automotive manufacturers world-wide have to come to Indalco in particular for our experience in this industry segment. We have worked, and continue to work with the world’s largest and most reputable auto manufacturers in order to help them apply aluminum to the design and manufacture of their vehicles.

In particular, the Gem-Pak™ was designed with automotive requirements in mind, in order to improve wire feeding reliability, and provide less downtime.




  • Lower melting point and narrower freezing range than 4043 wires
  • Increased fluidity and reduced shrinkage
  • Can be used as a substitute for 4043 wires to increase silicon in the weld metal, minimize hot cracking and produce higher filler weld shield strength


  • 100% Argon
  • Argon/Helium Mixtures
  • Flow Rate: 30-50 CFH (14.2 – 23.6 L/min)