ALLOY 5556 | AlMg5Mn1Ti


Ship Building – Aluminum is an ideal material for ship and boat building. Given it’s excellent corrosion resistance in salt-water and light weight to strength ratio, it has grown in importance around the globe whether it’s used in Cost guard vessels, LNG Tankers, or naval vessels.

Indalco® has invested in its process in order to provide a product that delivers reliability and consistency for every inch of weld made in this critical application. Working with the globe’s leading manufacturers, consulting from our technical experience and working with the industry’s most rigorous standards, we are an ideal partner for aluminum shipbuilding requirements



  • Contains increased amounts of magnesium and manganese
  • Provides higher tensile strengths of weld metal for the 5XXX series alloys such as 5083 and 5456


  • 100% Argon
  • Argon/Helium Mixtures
  • Flow Rate: 30-50 CFH (14.2 – 23.6 L/min)