Pressure Boosting Pumping system Contractors


Sequencing of Booster Pumps according to the pressure switch, duty cycle is a necessity in a Booster Pump Control System. Minilec Booster Pump Controller Card fulfils all the requirements of a Booster Pump Control Panel. Suitable for 2 / 3 Pumps or 4 /5 Pumps. F3 BPC1 is suitable for 2/3 pumps, operates on 90-270 V AC/DC supply and has RS 485 output port.


Technical Specifications

Parameter F3 BPC1 BPC Card
Auxiliary Supply Voltage 90-270 V AC ± 10% 20 V AC ± 10%

Inputs (Potential free)

Pressure Switch Contacts 3 4/5
Trip Contacts 3 4/5
Water Level Inputs (4 Electrodes) HLL, LL & RST HLL, LL & RST
Auto / Manual Selection    
Alarm Mute HLL, LL & RST HLL, LL & RST

Relay Outputs

Pump 3 4/5
Alarm 1 1

Open Collector Output

Water Level Control (HL, LL)   2
Pump ON   4/5
Pump Trip   4/5
Alarm ON   1
AIC (Alarm Indication Cancel)   1

Relay Outputs

Serial Port output RS 485 N/A
Indications Power On HL
  Pump 1 On LL
  Pump 2 On Pump Trip
  Pump 3 On AIC

Dimensions (mm)

  • Overall (L x W x D)  96 X 96 X 76            270 X 175 X 50
  • Mounting (L x W)     92 X 92                     259.5 X 165
  • Weight                         500                            850


  • 2, 3, 4, 5 Pressure Switches
  • Over load relay contacts
  • Water Level Electrodes & Auto / Manual switches


  • 2 Relay outputs for 2 Pumps System OR 3 relay outputs for 3 pumps System and respectively for 4 & 5 pumps systems.
  • Common Alarm Relay output for Buzzer

Open Collector output

  • For LED indications for RUN / Trip on the panel door for LED indications for LL, HL, O / L on the panel door

Operating Sequence

  • The key of the Booster Pumps is the Pressure Switches, which are preset according to the different pressure levels in the Pressure Tank. The water pressure in the Pressure Tank is to be maintained so that the consumers get constant pressure irrespective of the variations in the demand. As the user demand increases the respective Pressure switches activate & Booster Pumps are switched ON sequentially.
    *Pumps are switched off Sequentially as per decrease in demand. Role of Stand-by pump is rotated in each next cycle to ensure equal running of all pumps.