Excellent mechanical properties, easy slag removal, low spatter generation, and good impact value at low temperatures down to -40℃

KS          D7104 : YFW-A(C)504R
AWS      A5.20 : E71T-1MJ
AWS      A5.36 : E71T1-M21A4-CS1-H4
EN         ISO 17632-A : T46 4 P M21 1 H5
EN         ISO 17632-B : T49 4 T1-1M21A-U H5
JIS         Z3313 : T49 4 T1-1MA-U H5


Sizes (mm) Standard Welding Position Shielding gas Polarity
1.2~2.4 AWS A5.20
AWS A5.36
JIS Z3313
KS D7104
EN ISO 17632-A
EN ISO 17632-B
T49 4 T1-1MA-U H5
T46 4 P M21 1 H5
T49 4 T1-1M21A-U H5
F, HF, H, VU, VD, OH Ar+20%CO2 DC(+)
Typical chemical composition all-weld metal (%)
C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo Remark
0.03 0.40 1.38 0.012 0.011 0.02
Typical mechanical properties of all-weld metal
Y.S (MPa) T.S (MPa) EI. (%) Hardness (HV) IV (J) PWHT
610 640 27 65 (-40℃)