New GA 37+- 45+

Premium reliability – quiet operation – and an extremely low cost of ownership
New GA 37+- 45+ models come with IE4 motor and all-new element for +2.7% free air delivery and on average +3.2% energy efficiency.


IE4-efficiency motor
GA 37⁺- 45⁺ delivers supreme compressed air performance with 2.7% more free air delivery and on average 3.2% better energy efficiency

Powerful cooling system with oversized coolers
The fan meets the European ERP2020 energy requirements and is extremely quiet. This allows operators to run their GA on their work floor without noise disruption

Remarkably compact design
GA 37⁺- 45⁺ is designed with cramped production floors and utility rooms in mind. The standard version is 32% smaller than its predecessor

Elektronikon® touch controller
Atlas Copco’s most advanced controller. The easy-to-use touch screen features cutting edge control and monitoring capabilities. These include delayed second stop, different week schedules, and integrated control for up to 6 compressors

Reduced downtime to service
The new GA can be serviced half an hour faster than the previous model thanks to the completely maintenance-free drivetrain. The innovative oil filter with quick connection allows for fast removal and installation of the filter

GA 37+– 45+is the gold standard in oil-injected rotary screw compressors

Atlas Copco continues to innovate and build products that are even more reliable, energy efficient, smart, quiet and compact. And that’s what we have achieved with the new GA 37+ – 45+ series. The all-new new drive system significantly increases energy efficiency to give customers an extremely low cost of ownership.

The GA comes as standard with our most advanced controller, the Elektronikon® Touch. Behind this easy to use touch screen you will find state-of-the-art control and monitoring capabilities such as delayed second stop, different week schedules, and integrated control for up to 6 compressors. You can even get SMARTLINK remote monitoring to maximize your air system performance and optimize maintenance intervals.

The Elektronikon® Touch is robust too. It performs reliably in dusty, warm or humid conditions.

Technical Specifications
Capacity FAD l/s 71 l/s – 150 l/s
Working pressure 7.5 bar(e) – 13 bar(e)
Installed motor power 30 kW – 45 kW
Capacity FAD 256 m³/hr – 539 m³/hr