Oil-free centrifugal blower ZB VSD+

Energy-efficient ZB VSD+ oil-free centrifugal air blowers
Thanks to its smart oil-free package design, the ZB VSD+ protects your production process and helps you save money


Durable technology, smart design
ZB blowers have a compact design incorporating the latest magnetic bearing centrifugal air technology. Constant air supply at the lowest energy consumption.

Protect your process
Our oil-free centrifugal technology is ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified, which safeguards the quality of your end product by preventing oil from contaminating your production during the compression process and thus providing you with 100% oil-free air when the atmosphere doesn’t contain any oil particles.

Reduce the cost of compressed air
The Variable Speed Drive Technology (VSD) helps you save even more by adjusting the air flow to your specific needs.

Plug and play
The ZB centrifugal air blower with integrated VSD simplifies your installation, reducing installation time and cost.

Quiet operation
The ZB’s low vibration and noise levels improve your working environment.

Protect your production
Elektronikon® control ensures maximum safety and easy networking. It protects your production with advanced warnings for service and operating parameters.

ZB VSD+ for all your low pressure applications
Atlas Copco ZB centrifugal air blowers have proven their efficiency and reliability over many years. Thanks to the unique design of centrifugal frictionless direct drive, you get a constant air flow and the highest air volume for all your low pressure applications like waste water treatment, fermentation, printing…

The integrated variable speed drive (VSD) technology in the blower packages helps you achieve maximum energy savings by adjusting the air flow to your specific needs. Oil-free ZB VSD+ air blowers are ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified and minimize the risk of contamination of your production process.

Technical specifications


Capacity FAD l/s 556 l/s – 3,083 l/s
Capacity FAD 2,000 m³/h – 11,100 m³/h
Working pressure 0.3 bar(e) – 1.4 bar(e)
Installed motor power 100 kW – 250 kW



Capacity FAD l/s 556 gal/min – 3,083 gal/min
Capacity FAD 1,178 cfm – 6,533 cfm
Working pressure
Installed motor power