CG offers SPDP Motors which include UD and FH Series High Voltage Induction Motors.

The Screen Protected Drip Proof (SPDP) are high quality motors in Squirrel Cage and slip ring types. These motors are suitable for all types of industrial drives, mills and pumps. In SPDP motors, the external air is sucked inside through a wire mesh screen by means of a shaft mounted fan. The air suctioned through the louvers traverse along the length of the motor and is expelled at the opposite end through a wire mesh screen.

UD series motors are manufactured in UDR, UDC and VUDC series. All these are continuously rated for S1 duty as per IS: 325 / IEC 60034-7 standards. These motors are suitable for 50 Hz, 3-phase supply. These motors are offered with IP 23 degree of protection. Thus adequate protection is provided against dripping liquids and falling objects as specified in IS: 4691 / IEC 34-5. The mounting dimensions are as per IS: 1231 / IEC-60072 standards.

FHC/FHA types are horizontal and foot mounted (IM B3, IEC34-7) machines, whereas FHCV/FHAV types are vertical and flange mounted (IM V1, IEC 34-7). These machines are totally enclosed with IP 23 type of protection complying with IEC 60034-5 standards.

Country-Wise Scope

India UD Up to 12,000 kW 380 V to 13.8 kV 315 to 1400 IEC, IS
Europe FH Up to 25,000 kW 380 V to 13.8 kV 400 to 1800 IEC


Offered From : Europe

  • Robust welded stator case,
  • Fabricated steel shields,
  • Labyrinth sealed bearings with grease disc,
  • Two symmetrical inner air circuits with radial air ducts for both directions of rotation,
  • Top mounted air conducting box,
  • Two-layer stator winding with strengthened turn-to-turn insulation,
  • Fabricated steel terminal boxes of IP 55 protection grade with pressure relief membrane,
  • Double-cage rotor for higher starting torque,
  • Pt 100 resistance temperature detectors are built in the stator slots and at the bearings.
  • Other featurs, like additional sensors on special request

Offered From : India

  • Robust Steel Frame
  • Spider type Shaft
  • Double Ended Radial Ventilation
  • Solid Deep Rotor Bars in Single Cage
  • End shield Mounted Bearings
  • Antifriction/Sleeve Bearings
  • Dynamically Balanced Rotors
  • Class ‘F’ Insulation with Class ‘B’ temp. rise
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Space Heaters


Offered From : Europe
Shaft Height 400 – 1800
Cooling IC01
Insulation Class H, F with VPI, RR
Frame Construction Fabricated Steel
Protection IP/23
Rotor Constructions Squirrel Cage (SCR) / Slip Ring (SR)
Standards IEC: 60034
Voltage & Frequency 3.3kv to 11kV, +/-10% and 50Hz, +/-5%


Offered From : India

Shaft Height 355 – 710 mm
Cooling IC01A1
Insulation Class H, F with VPI, RR
Fabricated Steel  
Squirrel Cage (SCR) / Slip Ring (SR)  
IEC: 60034 / IS:325  
Voltage & Frequency 3.3kv to 11kV, +/-10% and 50Hz, +/-5%