Rotary & Load Break Switches


Isolator, Motor Start and Stop, Manual Motor controller as Motor Disconnect, Main Switch, Emergency ON-OFF. Control Switch, Changeover Switch

CAM Operated Rotary Switches are used to perform make and break operation in a sequential way by rotating the switch to different positions.

The CAM, which closes and opens the contacts, has rotary movement in multiple positions, thereby controlling multiple circuit functions.

Further the flexibility in the switch type selection covering various current / voltage ratings and options to select the number of contacts, is an added advantage. This ensures that a right switch is chosen for the desired application. CAM Switches thus offer complete design flexibility to assemble complex switching programs, contact ratings and customize all switching applications. Cam Switches are suitable for AC as well as DC switching applications.

The basic operating mechanism of cam switch is intended to suit application coupled with ‘Quick-Make’, ‘Quick-Make-Quick-Break’ and ‘Spring Return’ operating mechanisms.

The CAM switches offers versatile mounting options in addition to standard panel / flush mounting and other special features like single hole, door interlocking, padlock, lock and key for various needs. The wide option such as type of knob, front plate colour and customized marking on the marking plate eliminates the need of separate label on the panel.

Superior quality of engineering material and ‘double butt’ contacts with silver bimetal on copper / brass provide stable electrical performance. The high-grade engineering plastics with high tracking index like nylon, silicon and glass filled polyamide for the components ensures greater mechanical strength.

Advanced manufacturing processes for CAM switch components under stringent quality conditions ensure durability, reliability and enhanced life.

Load Break Switches comply with the latest specifications for modern low voltage devices.

Outstanding electrical characteristics of LB Switches with compact design, contribute to space saving and operational convenience.

The construction and design of the switch make it compact, safe and highly reliable. The switch uses polyamide glass filled material, having excellent track resistance (CTI) for insulation to prevent flashover between phases in the most severe conditions.

The special contact design and configuration makes the switch highly reliable to withstand high short circuit currents.



  • Double break contracts
  • Polycarbonate shroud for wired terminal protection is included
  • Excellent switching and high short circuit capacity
  • Compact and reliable
  • Versatile mounting options, i.e. front mounting, rear mounting DIN 35 and enclosure mounting
  • Quick, simple and convenient, dia. 22.5 mm single hole mounting is offered for 16A/20A switches with padlocking option
  • Finger protection – IP 20
  • Terminal screws with fixed clamp for easy wiring
  • Add-on main/neutral/auxiliary contacts can be mounted on both sides of the switch at site
  • 4th Pole addition is possible at site