SmartComm EMS

SmartComm EMS, is a simple and powerful energy monitoring software with multiple benefits that empowers the customer to save money.

Empowers the user to take corrective actions in areas of energy wastage.

Management of energy for optimal utilization.

Save money by identifying energy guzzlers for corrective actions to conserve energy.


Salient features

  • Glimpse of all entire energy consumption in the plant through dashboard
  • Quick understanding of energy consumption of today compared to yesterday, this month
  • Consumption compared to last month as well as yoy energy comparison through dashboard.
  • Easy navigation through the modules
  • Excel reports with charts
  • All parameters in the device can be monitored from the software
  • Multiple combination of devices and parameters for analysis
  • Provision to generate multiple report types
  • Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) report
  • Access to features defined by user levels
  • L&T meters preconfigured in the software