Solarium Neo

The Solarium Neo has superior design and is aesthetically appealing that fits and gels with the bathroom decor. It has a unique Gyroscopic Technology that avoids direct contact between cold and hot water fl ow for faster heating

Energy Saving 5 Star
Tank Coating Glassline
Heating Element Incoloy
Pressure 10 Bar
Body ABS
Water Heater Type Storage Water Heater
Tank capacity 10L, 15L, 25L, 6L


Standby cutoff that reduces electricity bill

Triple Shield Protection from hard water

Incoloy heating element

Gyroscopic technology
It avoids direct contact between cold and hot water flow for faster heating

Incoloy heating element
Incoloy heating element provides superior protection against scale formation

Superior glassline coating
for corrosion protection and long life

3 Level safety protection
Thermostat coupled with thermal cut-out & MFV to provide higher safety

ABS body
High grade ABS ensures characteristics like sturdiness and resistance to shock

Energy saving insitu PUF
Insitu PUF will minimize radiant heat loss and save your energy bills

Triple Shield Protection from hard water
Glassline coating protects the tank from corrosion, Magnesium anode acts as anti-corrosive, 33% extra life due to Glassline enamel incoloy


Product Code Capacity (L)
ASWH1606 6
ASWH1610 10
ASWH1615 15
ASWH1625 25