Solarium Qube

The Solarium Qube Water Heater has a powerful heating element for faster heating which helps achieve 45° temperature in 10 mins.

Energy Saving 5 Star
Tank Coating Polymer
Heating Element Copper
Pressure 8 Bar
Body Plastic
Water Heater Type Storage Water Heater
Tank capacity 15L, 25L


Powerful heating element (1200 gm) for fast water heating

Standby cutoff that reduces electricity bill

Superior polymer coating

Standby cutoff that reduces electricity bill
by consuming less than 1W even if left on for 7-8 hrs

8 bar pressure

5 star rating

Advanced 3 level safety

Unique square body


Product Code Capacity (L) Wattage (W) Rating
ASWH-2415 15 2000 5 Star
ASWH-2425 25 2000 5 Star