Split Air Conditioner 1.0 (GLS12I55WBHD)

Cools at 60 °C
Air cooled electric control box technology is used to effectively cool down the temperature of electric parts inside the outdoor unit, resulting in nonstop cooling at 60 °C ambient temperature.

Tropicalised operation
Specially designed to provide cool & comfortable air in tropical climatic conditions.

15 m Long Air Throw
With a bigger indoor size and a wider outlet, cool air reaches to the farthest points of the room, thus making this an ideal AC for larger rooms.

In Built Wi-Fi
Be techno smart and control your AC from anywhere through your smart phone with inbuilt wireless control without explicitly being next to the AC.

Voice Enabled
Equipped with a Voice Control feature which makes it more convenient for users to control the AC by just Voice Commands through Google Home Device and other smart interface devices.

Nano Silver Anti Bacterial Eva Coils
Nano Silver Green Anti-Bacterial Coating on the evaporator coil kills most bacteria, fungi, molds, spores and other microbes thus providing only pure and cool air.

Pre Coated Catechin Dust Filter
This is also a three-coloured multi-functional filter which is composed of Catechin Filter (blue), AG+ Antibacterial Filter (white) and Biological Antibacterial Filter (green). This new-age filter gives you fresher,cleaner and healthier air by capturing and eliminating micro-dust & smog, absorbing unpleasant odour, decomposing formaldehyde in the air and releasing air enriched with Vitamin C.

Green Bio Air Filter
Green Bio Filter has enzyme – like catalytic activity. The enzyme used in insoluble in water, and chemically very stable. It is an electron donor and acceptor used in solar cell applications, ink, etc. It has great resistance to alkalis and acids. This filter protects from dust particles of up to PM 2.5. It prevents from germs and bacteria. The anti-oxidant feature removes harmful active oxygen that is known to cause cancer and hypertension.


Tech Specifications


Refrigerant R-32
Comp. Type Rotary
Star Rating 3


Electric Data

Input current (Ampere) 5.01 A / 2.66 A
Power Supply (V / Hz / Phase ) 230 V / 50 Hz / 1



ISEER 4.54
ODU Noise (dB) 55dB
IDU Noise (dB) 46 dB / 43 dB / 40 dB / 36 dB / 32 dB
Air Flow (m³/h) 690 m³/h
Input Power (W) 1135 W / 400 W
Cooling Capacity (W) 3980 W / 1990 W


Weight & Measurement

ODU Net / Gross Weight (kg) 29.8 kg / 34.8 kg
ODU Dimension (W×D×H) in cm 91.0 cm x 36.5 cm x 59.5 cm
IDU Net / Gross Weight (kg) 10 kg / 12.7 kg
IDU Dimension (W×D×H) in cm 84.5 cm x 29.8 cm x 20.0 cm