ALLOY 5356 | AlMg5CR(A)


Truck Trailer Transportation – Aluminum trailer transportation is a critical industry in North America and Europe and of growing importance world-wide. Indalco® Alloys understands the specific challenges related to trailer manufacturing, whether it’s refrigerated, dry-freight or tanker trailers.

Challenges such as productivity solutions, shear strength, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance (some tanker trailers) and filler metal selection are all areas where Indalco®’s technical team can support.

Automotive – Reducing vehicle weight is critical to improving fuel efficiency. The world’s leading automotive manufacturers understand this better than anyone and are driving the change as they design consumer vehicles for tomorrow’s roadways.

Automotive manufacturers world-wide have to come to Indalco in particular for our experience in this industry segment. We have worked, and continue to work with the world’s largest and most reputable auto manufacturers in order to help them apply aluminum to the design and manufacture of their vehicles.

In particular, the Gem-Pak™ was designed with automotive requirements in mind, in order to improve wire feeding reliability, and provide less downtime.

Rail Transportation – Manufacturers of high speed trains and rail cars implement aluminum in order to reduce fuel consumption and increase speeds. With a full line of certified welding consumables and technical experience in the industry, Indalco alloys not only delivers a consistent filler product to the industry, but also provides product to meet specialized industry requirements. Whether its standard agency approvals such as TUV and DB or specialized consumable traceability specific to internal requirements, we can offer a customized solution.

Our Technical Team is ready to support productivity, automation and technical improvements in the rail transportation industry.

General fabrication – For all general fabrication requirements including structural, consumer goods, electrical switchgear & bus bars, aluminum wind-towers, and more – Indalco® is your single source solution. We work with general fabrication customers large and small in order to help them improve their welding processes in every corner of the globe.

We don’t just make welding wire. We make welds.



  • General purpose filler alloy for welding 5XXX series alloys
  • The most widely used welding alloy
  • All-position aluminum MIG wire
  • Superior wire surface finish for the best feedability and arc performance
  • Optimal manufacturing process to precisely control chemical composition
  • State-of-the –art testing equipment to ensure trouble-free performance of the weld wire
  • Manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO9001 standard


  • 100% Argon
  • Argon/Helium Mixtures
  • Flow Rate: 30-50 CFH (14.2 – 23.6 L/min)