Automatic Voltage Stabilizer TD Series

Crompton Stabilizers offer protection to Air Conditioners from voltage fluctuations and increase the life of your AC.

Power solutions type Voltage Stabilizer


Energy efficient technology

Time delay circuit

Applicable for low voltage range (90 V to 150 V)

Time delay circuit
Which protects the appliances from a sudden rush in the current

High output voltage regulation
Which regulates the voltage according to the connected appliances

Synchronized change over relay
Which synchronizes the incoming voltage and frequency with currently running appliances and protects them from frequent tripping

Automatic voltage cut off


Catref Input Power Supply Range Starting delay Low Volt Cut Off High Volt Cut Off
TD90VAC 90-280V 05 sec 90 V 280 V
TD130VAC 130-280V 05 sec 130 V 280 V
TD132VAC 130-280V 05 sec 130 V 280 V
TD150VAC 150-280V 05 sec 150 V 280 V