Busbar Trunking System

S-Line Busbar Trunking System is trusted by discerning electrical engineers in over 30 countries. The world-class busduct systems are an answer for any sector including industries, utilities, infrastructure, and buildings. Even before the products are subjected to a series of rigorous tests, our state-of-the-art manufacturing ensures consistently high quality. Busducts are fully type-tested at various independent laboratories and conforms to international standards. This ensures the complete integrity of the entire busduct system.

S-Line Busbar Trunking System

  • Range from 250A to 5000A (Aluminium); 400A to 6300A (Copper)
  • Operational voltage up to 1000V
  • Joint block with maintenance-free Twin-headed shear off Nut
  • Plug-in box with Mechanical interlock & safety features
  • A robust, safe and reliable solution
    • UL certified Class-F insulation
    • Ingress protection up to IP66
    • Certified for Seismic zone-V compliance
    • Fire resistance system