Safety comes first!

FN SDFs are with the following safety features as a standard offering:

  • Terminal Shrouds on both line and load side
  • Phase barriers
  • High clearances and creepage distances
  • High ground clearance


  • Range: 32A to 800A
  • Available in open execution and SS enclosure variants
  • Versions: Suitable for DIN type and Bolted type fuses
  • HE SDF version for harsh sulphurous environment
  • Configurations: 2P, TPN, 4P(100% rated, Switched neutral)


Salient Features:

  • AC-23A utilization category for entire range
  • Quick-make /Quick-break mechanism
  • Quad break contact system : Better arc quenching and higher electrical life of contacts
  • Telescopic Shaft: Step-less depth adjustment
  • Suitable for Aluminum termination
  • Ample space for termination in spacious SS enclosure version; No separate cable gland boxes required Clear ON/OFF indications
  • Door interlocking in ON position with defeat feature

Spares & Accessories:

  • Handle assembly (Type A/B/CE)
  • Auxiliary contact kit(1st NO + NC, 2nd NO + NC)
  • Earthing link (for termination of earth busbar)
  • Castell Interlock
  • Terminal Shroud kit
  • Interphase barrier kit