Control Contactors

L&T’s MO0, MN0 and MX0 range control contactors have proven track record of successful and reliable implementation of complex control logics. Our control contactors come with high flexibility of number and combination of auxiliary contacts. These aesthetically suit the panel’s visuals. They are suitable for industrial as well as commercial installations where complex control is required.


MO0 Control Contactor
  • In-built 5 auxiliary contacts
  • Max. 9 NO/NC combination with maximum 6 NC contacts
  • Flexibility in selection of NO/NC combination
  • MO0 range shares same accessories as MO power contactors
  • These contactors have terminal shroud for safety
  • The coil VA is less which reduces the burden on control transformer
  • Four terminal Coil
  • The entire range is RoHS compliant

MN0 & MX0 control contactor
  • Conforms to IS/IEC 60947-4-1, IEC 60947-4-1
  • MN0 Available with DC control
  • MX0 Available with AC/DC control
  • Positive ‘ON’ / ‘OFF’ indication from the front
  • Available in all NO/NC combinations (4 Pole)
  • Maximum of 8NO to 8NC contact combinations with add-on aux contact blocks
  • All accessories are top mounting