Suitable for Panels in Following Applications:
RTCC Panel.
Transformer Panel.


Transformer Tap Position transducer
Input Resistance output (DC) single or dual
Accuracy 0.5%
It is a precision grade transducer is used for galvanically isolated measurement of Transformed Tap or Resistance (2 Wire or 3 Wire). It measures the value of resistance on tap position changers, typically used on high voltage transformers. Each position on the selector has an equal value of resistance so that as the tap position is increased or decreased the value of resistance increases or decrease respectively. The input is in the form of Resistance and provides a Stable, Ripple- Free and Optically Isolated DC load independent output in the form of current or voltage. The transducer is fully solid state. Use of latest circuit techniques and quality components ensure reliable operation over long period.



Technical Specifications

Auxillary Supply

Auxiliary Supply 110/240 V AC (+/-) 20%,50 Hz / 60Hz 24/48/110/220 V DC (+/-)20%                                    60 – 300 V AC / DC

Power Consumption
Power Consumption Less than 4 VA

Input Value
I in 0 – 1.6 Kohm, 0 – 16 Kohm, 0 – 1.7 Kohm, 0 – 17 Kohm
V in

Resistance Type
Resistance Type 3 Terminal Input

DC Output (Single / Dual)
DC Output (Single / Dual) 0 – 1 mA DC,0 – 5 mA DC,0 – 10 mA DC,0 – 20 mA DC,4 – 20                                                  mA DC,(-)20 – 0 – (+)20 mA DC,4 – 20 mA DC, 500 Ohm                                                            (max),0 – 5 V DC, 0 – (+)10 V DC,(-)10 – 0 – (+)10 V DC

No of Signal Output
No of Signal Output One No., Two Nos..

Response Time
Response Time Less than 500 mSec.

Input / Output isolation
Input / Output isolation 2 KV 50 Hz for 1 min

Temperature 0°C to 55°C

Humidity 95% Rh non condensing

Accuracy ±0.5% of Span

Enclouser ABS Plastic Enclosure, Ingress Protection IP40

Dimensions (L x W x D) (mm)
Dimensions (L x W x D) (mm) 85 x 80 x 120

Weight 350 gms.  gms.