Single or multi-layer welding of various kinds structure such as 1.25%-0.5%Mo and 2.25%Cr-1%Mo heat resistant steels used for steam pipes of boiler, equipment for oil refining industries
KSB ISO 24598-A : S CrMo2 AB
KSB ISO 24598-B : S 62 0 AB SU 2C1M
AWSA5.23 : F9PZ-EB3-B3
ENISO 24598-A : S CrMo2 AB
ENISO 24598-B : S 62 0 AB SU 2C1M
JISZ 3183 : S642-2CM


Sizes (mm) Standard Welding Position Shielding gas Polarity
2.4~4.8 AWS A5.23
EN ISO 24598-A
EN ISO 24598-B
JIS Z 3183
KS B ISO 24598-A
KS B ISO 24598-B
S CrMo2 AB
S 62 0 AB SU 2C1M
S CrMo2 AB
S 62 0 AB SU 2C1M
F DC(+)
Typical chemical composition all-weld metal (%)
C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo Remark
0.06 0.30 0.90 2.10 0.95
Typical mechanical properties of all-weld metal
Y.S (MPa) T.S (MPa) EI. (%) Hardness (HV) IV (J) PWHT
610 690 23 690℃x1Hr