• Auxiliary contact kit
  • Castell lock
  • Fuse operation indicator
  • Extended terminal shroud
  • Fuse puller unit
  • Mechanical interlock kit



  • Ratings 32 A to 800 A in six frame sizes
  • AC-23 A rating for the complete range
  • Available in TPN and four pole versions
  • High short circuit capacity of fuses (100kA)
  • Electro dynamic compensated contact system
  • Versatile handle (patented)
  • High clearance and creepage distances
  • Suitable for copper and aluminium terminations
  • Conformance to IS: 13947-3, IEC: 60947-3
  • Easy inspection and replacement of contacts
  • Fuse barriers to prevent inter phase short circuits
  • DIN rail mounting up to 100 A
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical installations
  • Terminal shrouds for safety
  • Telescopic shaft for the handle (Stepless adjustment)
  • Clear ON / OFF indication
  • Aesthetic appearance