Industrial Mancoolers Wall / Pedestal / Tubular

ALMONARDhas included Mancooler in it’s product range to facilitate the shop floor in the industries to provide a better environment for their employees which in turn results by the increase in production.

ALMONARDMancoolers are designed for large Air Volume discharge with high velocity and for long distance sweep.

ALMONARD Mancoolers can be used in various applications such as Arc furnaces, Drier Annealing furnaces, cooling the electrical equipments, for general comfort and proper ventilation in the shop floors.


ALMONARD Mancoolers are available in three types:

  1. Wallmounting or Brackets Type Mancoolers.
  2. Pedestal and Mancoolers.
  3. Tubular Type Mancoolers.

Wall mounting or Brackets Type Mancoolers
The Wallmounting Mancoolers are suitable for mounting at higher elevation in the wall or stanchion to avoid the occupation of floor space. These fans are mounted on steel pipe with suitable holes in the base plates for heavy duty Motors.

Pedestal Type Mancoolers
These type Mancoolers are designed to place on the shop floors. The cast aluminum alloy, statically and dynamically balanced impeller of high efficiency Aerofoil Section blades is mounted directly on the motor shaft with suitable, sturdy protection guards and mounted on the steel pipe with motor base plate. The cast iron solid base holds the assembly on the floor free from Vibration The Air throw can be adjusted vertically for various positions. Castor wheels can be provided for the special application on specific request.

Tubular Type Mancoolers
In this type of Mancoolers, the impeller and Motor Assembly is mounted in the circular casing with suitable stand arrangement. This can be moved from place to place easily even in rough floor areas. The Air flow can be adjusted vertically for any convenient Position. Necessary protection guards are also provided on both sides of the casing.

Technical Specification for Industrial Heavy Duty Type Man Cooler


Sweep mm/ inches H.P. RPM Total air delivery
10 times blade
Min Peak air velocity at a distance of
10 times blade
sweep (M.min.)
15 times blade
sweep (M.min.)
457(18″) 0.5 1370 12000
200 150
457(18″) 2.0 2810 24000
250 200
610(24″) 0.75 1400 28000
250 150
762(30″) 2.0 1400 37000
250 150
914(36″) 2.0 920 56000
250 150
914(36″) 3.0 1400 65000
275 175
1220(48″) 5.0 950 74500
250 150