Axial Flow Fans Range uptill 100000CMH with Pressure upto 30mm WG.

ALMONARD Axial Flow Fans are designed to cover wide range of air flow capacity and pressures so as to suit various industrial requirements and applications.
ALMONARD has developed a high efficiency Aerofil Section Axial Fan Impellers made from high grade aluminum alloy which are robust in construction and will give optimized design based on air flow, pressure and power consumption.
These Impellers are statically and dynamically balanced to give a smooth operation and comes in fixed pitch blade and variable pitch blades.
ALMONARD Axial Flow Fans comes with ip-55 protection and ‘f’ class high efficiency and robust motors for continuous running application in extreme industrial conditions.
ALMONARD Axial Flow Fans are tested as per is-3588 performance standard.



ALMONARD Axial Flow Fans are tailor-made to suit specific requirement of site and application and come in below categories:

Duct Mounted Fans:
These fans find application in ventilation systems, fume extraction systems and roof extractors.

Wall Mounted Fans:
This type of fans are mostly used in general exhaust purposes to be mounted on walls/side cladding.

Bifurcated Fans:
Because of unique construction where the drive motor is isolated from air stream, this fan find application for evacuation of hot air/fumes with max temperature range of 100c.

V-Belt Driven Units:
V Belt driven units are used in hot air applications .