LE Snow piston compressors

Our LE Snow piston compressor range is specially designed for the snow-making industry. Combines continuous uptime in extreme weather with low maintenance

Compressors for snow all cannon applications
Laying the snow base, expanding a resort with new trails, or looking for an alternative to load shaving or making new snow? Our LE Snow piston compressors will do the job, whatever the temperature, because they are designed to work with snow cannons, snow guns or any snow making machine. Its combination of low maintenance, minimal environmental impact, minimum energy usage and high reliability makes this range ideal for any snow maker application.


Highly reliable
Special air inlet and outlets prevent our snow compressor from freezing up. Will operate without any interruption for snow-making in extremely low temperatures

Safe and easy to maintain
Industrial components make this range easy to maintain. Minimum oil carry-over keeps the environment safe

Piston compressors are ideal for smaller air demands typical for snow-making, thanks to their minimum energy usage

Technical data


Capacity FAD l/s 2.1 l/s – 37.2 l/s
Working pressure 10 bar(e) – 30 bar(e)
Installed motor power 1.5 kW – 15 kW
Capacity FAD 7.6 m³/h – 133.8 m³/h


Capacity FAD l/s 2.1 gal/min – 37.2 gal/min
Working pressure 145 psig – 435 psig
Installed motor power 2 HP – 20 HP
Capacity FAD