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These are LED Facia windows with Potential input or potential free input. Microfacia is available in either 4 Big or 8 Small windows size. Standard models available for 12V/24V DC and 110V/230V AC. Microfacia are LED window assemblies for RUN, TRIP or FAULT indications. With Microfacia windows the panel designers can improve aesthetic value to the panel indications in a Row / Column format. Microfacia is useful for direct operation with AC or DC voltage



Auxiliary Supply 12 / 24 / 110 V AC/DC

Input Potential Free Contacts or Potential Contact

Output Window Facia LEDs on front

Window /LED Colour RED, Amber / Yellow, Green, White, Blue

Power Consumption 1.5 Watts per Window

Dimensions (mm) Unit Overall (L x W x D ) (w/o PSU 144 x 72 x 80)(With PSU) 144 x 72 x 215*

Dimensions (mm)Window For Small 30 x 30, for Big 30 x 65 mm.

Weight (Approx.)  700 gms. (With PSU)*
250 gms. (W/o PSU)