Repeat Relay Card

External Repeat Relay Cards can be connected for remote annunciation or interfacing with SCADA or DCS hardware. These cards are connected by plug-in type pre-fab cables. Repeat Relay Card is suitable for NO type Fault contacts only.

Manned / Unmanned Facility

This feature allows disabling the audio & visual indication on fault occurrence if the station is unmanned. The annunciator registers & records all faults occurring during unmanned mode and displays again manned mode.

RS 232 / 485 Convertor

This is a universal convertor for converting RS 232 serial port to RS 485 serial port or vice versa. It operates on 230 AC supply and is to be used with Minilec make interconnecting cables for Minilec annunciators & for PC.

Electronic / Industrial Hooter

Electronic Hooters with tone & volume control are supplied. Suitable for AC or DC supply Standard 96 x 96 enclosure