NHP 24V/10A Battery Charger

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 10 Piece
Brand NHP
Input Voltage 170-270 V AC
Inrush Current Limited by NTC Thermister
Charging current in boost mode 10 amps
Charging current in float mode 0 to 3.5 amps
Operating Temperature 0 TO 50 DEG C
Leakage current <2 mA at 230 vac
Vibration 10-500 Hz 2G 10 min/1cycle 60 mins each along XYZ axis
Current drawn by charger from battery Draws zero current from the battery under any circumstances
Externally Induced Over voltage Protected against output overvoltage caused by parallel connection of alternator etc
Annunciation Potential free NO /NC contact for charger On/ Fail indication
Indication Mains On, Float, Boost, and Battery Reverse
Line Regulation <1%
Load Regulation <1%
Ripple and noise 150 mv p-p
Input & Earth 1500V AC
Output & Earth 1500V AC
Mounting Wall mounting type
Weight 1500 gms

Battery charger for engine start applications 24v-10 amperes suitable for charging 24volts 100/130/180ah batteries