Venus Tru Tuf Bar

TRU-TUF is Venus’ customized AISI 630 bars. Heat treatment is the KEY for precipitation hardened stainless and our in-house computer controlled furnaces ensures that each bars are heat treated uniformly to the temperature and time as required by the standards for the bars to achieve mechanicals, impact strength and other characteristics. Venus produce TRU-TUF bars in all ageing conditions.


AISI630 / 17-4 PH/1.4542 XM – 12 (15-5PH)

Heat Treatments

  • Solution annealed
  • H900 / H925 / H1025 / H1075/ H1100 / H1150 / H1150 D / H1150 M
  • Custom aged conditions
  • Tested to customized conditions
  • High impact strength
  • Incompliance with NACE, API, SAE, AMS, ASTM, MIL, EN10088-3 standards

Area of Applications

  • Oil Field Applications
  • Aircraft Fittings
  • Pump Shafts
  • Reactor Components
  • Aircraft Engine Parts
  • Mill Equipment’s and many more