Amica’s inner tank made of high-quality steel with Nanobond Polymer technology that increases the life of the inner tank. Amica is provided with a specially designed acrificial magnesium anode to protect the inner tank from corrosion that might get developed due to hard water quality.

Energy Saving 5 Star
Tank Coating Polymer
Heating Element Copper
Pressure 8 Bar
Body Metal
Water Heater Type Storage Water Heater
Tank capacity 10L, 15L, 25L


Powerful heating element (1200 gm) for fast water heating

Standby cutoff that reduces electricity bill

Superior polymer coating

Copper heating element
ISI marked nickel coated special element provides resistance against scale formation
Polymer coating
for corrosion protection and long life
Powder coated metallic body
Touch body for high performance
Magnesium anode
For corrosion protection


Product Code Capacity (L) Wattage (W) Rating
ASWH-2010 10 2000 5 star
ASWH-2015 15 2000 5 star
ASWH-2025 25 2000 5 star