Enclosed ATS
Automatic Transfer Switch is a device which automatically switches from ‘main supply’ to ‘back-up supply’ upon occurrence of pre-set conditions such as failure of supply, voltage level beyond set limits and so on.

L&T’s Enclosed Automatic Transfer Switch is completely pre-wired and pre-programmed solution with inbuilt AuXC-2000 controller.

What’s more is that the complete ensemble is mounted in a smart engineered SS enclosure providing a ready convenient –to-use Automatic Source Transfer Solution

Automatic Solution | Pre-wired |Flexible Settings

Range: 415 Vac, 125A to 630A



  • Priority Source Selection
  • Adjustable Time Delay(0.1 sec to 3 hours)
  • Suitable for 3-phase as well as 1-phase sources


  • Double-break contact system offering high short-time withstand(Icw)
  • High mechanical & electrical life: Double than requirement in IS/IEC standards
  • Suitable for Aluminum termination


  • Protections: UV/OV, Phase Sequence, Single Phasing, Frequency
  • Authorized Access Control through Password Protection
  • Inbuilt Terminal Shrouds, Phase Barriers & Source Separators


  • Ample space for cable termination, no need of separate cable gland box
  • Ease of Generator ON-OFF Control
  • Cyclic event logger: Logs 100 events