CG manufactures state-of-the-art INCREASED SAFETY MOTORS. These motors meet the stringent quality and performance norms laid down by both Indian and International statutory bodies. We supply these motors for use in hazardous areas that are normally encountered in chemical industries, petrochemical refineries and mines etc for Zone II areas.

We also have a range of NON SPARKING MOTORS that are highly versatile and are offered in enclosure types such as CACA, CACW, TETV and TEFC.


  • Reduced initial capital expenditure and lower operating costs.
  • Light weight with high power to weight ratio.
  • Reinforced insulation superior to class F with class H VPI, temperature rise limited to class F ensuring high insulation strength and protection from environment.
  • Non sparking material for fans. Caulking of rotor bars for tight fit in rotor slots.
  • Pre-start purging facility for removal of hazardous gases from the enclosure before starting (Purging instrumentation is optional).
  • Minimized vibrations, noise and longer bearing life through minimized unbalance at every stage and precision balancing of rotors using state of art dynamic balancing machine to grade better than 1.0.
  • Temperature rise of stator to lower limits that are maximum allowed minus 10°C.
  • Ensuring that no part of the motor attains temperature exceeding the specified ignition temperature even under locked rotor conditions.
  • Maintaining adequate clearance between stationery and rotating parts.
  • Providing adequate clearances and creep age paths between live phases and between phase and earth in the terminal boxes.
  • Providing positive locking features for terminating the cables to guard against loosening of the termination due to vibrations etc

Country-Wise Scope

Europe 180 kW to 12000 kW Upto 6600 V 355 to 1120 IEC
India 180 kW to 12000 kW Upto 6600 V 355 to 1120 IEC

Technical Specifications

Frame range : 355 to 1120
Rating : 180 kW to 12000 kW
Insulation : Class ‘F’ and ‘H’
Degree of protection : IP55
Type of cooling : IC0A6, IC1A7, IC3A7, IC6A6A6, IC6A7W7
Standards : IEC 60079-7:2001