Tall Tubular Battery

Crompton Tubular Batteries seals the active material in polyester tubes called gauntlets, Instead of pasting them on the surface of the plate

Power solutions type Battery


Heavy duty tubular plates

Long life & backup

Fast Charging & Easy recovery from deep discharge

Heavy duty tubular plates
Gives higher capacity

Calcium technology
Reduces the frequency of water top up

Fast charging
& easy recovery from deep discharge

Withstands frequent and prolonged power outages

Works on extreme temperature


Name Catref Warranty Wattage Dimensions Colour MRP (INR)
Rhino ACGBBTT-RH2415 36*Month (24Months Free+12 Months Prorata) 150 505*195*470 White 14,500/-
Power + ACGBBTT-PS160 36 months 160 525*200*480.5 White 18,500/-
Power + ACGBBTT-PS180 36 months 180 525*200*480.5 White 20,100/-