Ventilation Systems

ALMONARD ventilation systems are well conceived keeping in mind the customer expectations to provide maximum comfort to the operators of the machines and general factory enviroment.


ALMONARD can give several combinations of ventilation systems as below:

Exhaust System:
Under this design,only exhaust of stale/hot air from the department is envisged resulting in inflow of fresh air from the existing openings in the department such as doors & windows.
To achieve this , either wall mounted exhaust fans,or axial fans or roof extractors are utilised.

Fresh Air Supply System
Here only fresh air is pumped into the department which is expected to push out the stale/hot air from the department through exisiting openings in the department. a variation os this sytem employs only spot cooling of the operators inside the department which gives maximum comfort to the operators.

Supply & Exhaust System
This is the most effective way of the ventilation system in which the cool fresh air dilutes the condition inside the department and the exhaust system just pulls away the hot air resulting in a good environment inside the department.